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Description Take a journey with an interplanetary knowledge based study group as they deliberate the advent of astrology and its implications upon humankind; since the very beginning till the present days. A science fiction novella.

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Mars Accelerates Astrology : Deep Bora :

Earth and the other planets orbit the Sun in predictable cycles. The Moon moves through all 12 signs in a month the word month shares a root with the word moon. The various planets move through the signs at their own rates, creating cycles within cycles.

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The value for the 60 kg adult, at a distance of 1 m, should be 4. Throughout your life, you play out the dance the planets interwove in the weeks and months following your birth. You can do that too. All that is changing in this shining year ahead. There are further sub-generations according to your Saturn sign and Jupiter sign.

The exact configuration of a particular moment is not repeated for thousands and thousands of years! You might think of the planets and signs like cards in suits and each person has a distinct hand dealt to him or her.


You might have pairs, a straight or a flush. You might have a lot of trump cards. Or you could get a bad hand. You can work with the power of your planets or succumb to their paths of least resistance, according to your free will. So you see astrology does not lump people into 12 groups; it shows how each person shares some traits with other people and ways in which each of us is an individual. There are further sub-generations according to your Saturn sign and Jupiter sign. You share your Jupiter sign with most people born in the same year, which is the basis of your Chinese astrology sign.

Astrology, a Practical Test: Objects That Affect You at Birth

The Sun and Moon are the most important heavenly bodies; their signs have the most impact on our lives. People who have the same birthday as you but in a different year will have the Sun at the same degree of the zodiac circle as you but their Moon sign will not necessarily be the same. The rhythm of the interaction between the earth, Sun and Moon forms the Moon cycle each month.

It increases in size and rises and sets later and later. A week after the New Moon, the First quarter Moon looks like a half moon setting in the morning.

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These two are at opposite extremes from our viewpoint then, and the Moon rises as the Sun sets and vice versa. The next two weeks, the Moon decreases in size, rising and setting later and later.

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The Third Quarter Moon appears as the half moon setting in the afternoon. A week later we have another invisible New Moon. Look for the Moon symbol it looks like a crescent and the Sun a circle with a dot in the center.

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