Florence Nightingale to Her Nurses

The curriculum for nurses has changed enormously since.

The following year the name changed to the Nightingale College of Health. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of King's College London alumni.

The School for Nurses". Thomas Hospital School in London]". Contexts of Nursing 3 ed.

Florence Nightingale

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I have desired that enquiry should be made of Dr. Blackwood, concerning his attendance on your son.

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He remembers however, hearing that he had been seen previously, earnestly in prayer. After the war, Nightingale returned to England, became an invalid and remained bed-ridden well into her sixties.

From her bed, she produced over two hundred books, pamphlets, and reports, and over twelve thousand letters , mostly related to her work. When Nightingale got out of bed and reentered the world, she poured even more energy into her work.

Florence Nightingale - To Her Nurses (New Edition)

In the final years of her life, she reformed civilian hospitals, reorganized the War Office, founded the Nightingale School for the training of nurses, and brought public health and sanitation to India. After accomplishing an amazing amount, Nightingale died at the age of ninety in What an interesting article. I do have one question: It is not known why Nightingale became an invalid, although she clearly was exhausted from her work in the Crimea. She suffered from some ailment that has never been definitively diagnosed.

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Actually I have had to research this and she contracted brucellosis while she was in Scutari. This is a bacterial infection causing fever, deppression and extreme pain. I am wondering now if the websites that said that had false information or if this website needs updating. I suppose it is possible that she had brucellosis, but she lived for 54 more years after returning from Scutari and died peacefully at the age of You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Christ is our example, our pattern: Thank God for it! I often say for myself, and I have no doubt you do, that line of the hymn: And no man or woman will do great things for God, or even small, whose u hidden life " is employed in self-complacency, or in thinking over petty slights, or of what other people are thinking of her. Notes on Nursing also sold well to the general reading public and is considered a classic introduction to nursing. The best words that ever were spoken Christ's words were the shortest.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. By Elizabeth Fee and Mary E. Garofalo Florence Nightingale National Library of Medicine b Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, of wealthy British parents who expected her to do all the things young ladies of her class did: Florence Nightingale tending to wounded soldiers.

Extract from a Letter of Miss Nightingale. My dear Madam, Your letter was forwarded to me at this place where my Hospital duties at present require me. I beg to remain, dear Madam, with true sympathy for your great loss, Yours faithfully, Florence Nightingale.