Teachers Change Lives 24/7: 150 Ways to Do It Right!

Jim mixes funny and heart-warming stories with the truth about how to teach. His passion hits the pages as he encourages all teachers to strive to make every opportunity into a chance for a student to learn. Holly rated it really liked it Jan 23, Rachael rated it really liked it Sep 11, Anna rated it it was amazing Jul 09, Gretchen marked it as to-read May 24, Stephanie is currently reading it Mar 18, Cheryl marked it as to-read May 08, Mark Landvick marked it as to-read May 28, Firstly, the teachers are always well prepared for the class, which means they can quickly and precisely explain subtle differences between the new vocabulary.

Secondly, the online system they have makes reviewing what you've learnt convenient and effective. Finally, and for me this is the most important, the teachers are ready to pro-actively correct your mistakes at all times.

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Many other schools' teachers will just let you speak and speak, without saying anything, even if you know you've said something wrong. My teachers at That's Mandarin are not the same - they call me out politely: I have been living in China for 5 years before starting having lessons at That's Mandarin.

My Chinese level was intermediate, and I wanted to bring it to the next level. Since I started my lessons 9 months ago, I significantly improved my reading and listening skills. Lessons are very efficient as notes are taken by teachers during lessons: The web platform is amazing to have lessons and to review it.

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An app for smartphones is available to review lessons anytime, anywhere. Teachers are very professional, lessons are well prepared. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Lessons' schedule is very flexible and easily allow to match with your personnel agenda. I fully recommend to learn Chinese at That's Mandarin.

I am currently taking an online beginners course. Prior to starting this course, I was not able to speak a word of Mandarin. I find the course to explain everything very well.

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Most importantly for me, during my classes my teacher explains to me the formation and origins of words. This has really helped me to understand and not be so daunted by a completely new language. In fact it has made it all very easy for me.

Teachers Change Lives 24/7

All of the staff here are incredibly helpful and help to answer any questions that I have. I've been coming for over a year, and my Chinese has improved a lot. The lessons are tailored to your specific needs and you go at your own pace. The availability of lessons is very good too, with classes in the morning, afternoon or evening, depending on your schedule.

The school recently moved to a new building, which is very convenient for the subway, and has the latest technology. They also have an app which means you can study your lessons on the go, wherever you are. I like the school very much! Teacher is very helpful and nice. I like come to study! That's Mandarin School in Beijing has a very welcoming environment, and has staff that make it fun to learn Chinese.

I would give them 5 stars for this because of their effort to make learning Mandarin exciting and for their good attitudes towards teaching. I spent an entire month here in studying simplified Chinese. The teachers and staff were very professional and I got a lot out of my time here. Thanks so much for pushing me to the next level TM. They gave a very modem approach to teaching that I found very effective. Had a great time during my 3 months course with Thats Mandarin Beijing! The classes are fun and engaging, my chinese has improved from mere beginner to intermediate within such a short span of time.

Despite being in a group class, Teacher Wen did a great job by tailoring to each of our learning needs. Will definitely be back for classes if I am back in Beijing! I took classes for about a month with a friend. In that time we got a good introduction to Chinese tones and vocabulary; however, the more impressive feature was getting to know the background of Chinese characters.

Our teacher was accommodating with our questions and patient with our mistakes. I took lessons at That's Mandarin for three months, twice weekly in small group classes.

The classes are very personalized as you can create your own vocabulary lists based on what you want to learn. In each lesson, the teacher types new vocabulary, sentences, and sentence structures in an online program that is accessible to the students after class. My Mandarin has greatly improved in such a short time and the teachers have given me confidence in my ability to speak more proficiently. I highly recommend Wen Laoshi for her enthusiasm and ability to accommodate students of varying levels. Really enjoyed my month of study here!

Staff was very supportive and professional. Wen Wen Laoshi has a great teaching method, and felt even in a group class the content was appropriate for my level. Also had a lot of fun in class and met some nice classmates. Very good school, effective teaching method. I lead really fast and the way of learn is also funny. This session is fast paced, fun, and very meaningful. What one thing can any school or organization provide that separates them from others and doesn't cost one dime? The answer is service. Bad service is unforgettable and can cause undo damage. Average service, is, well, average.

It does nothing to lose or gain respect or appreciation. Quality service sets a new standard and can become positively unforgettable if it is consistent and genuine.

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This workshop is for everyone who represents the school or organization. From CEO to part-timer, each individual is the organization, and reflects the overall commitment to providing quality service. This program defines what service is and the secret to making it exceptional. We will learn from the best of the best and every participant will walk away with hands-on skills and knowledge to provide quality service anywhere, anytime!

Teachers Change Lives: Watch Megan's Story

This workshop is based on the book of the same title. It is a practical "journey" toward more effective teaching. It gives a fundamental review of some of the basics regarding how to develop stronger relationships with students, parents, and peers. It shares time-tested techniques for motivating, listening, and teaching.

It focuses on maintaining a balance between personal and professional obligations, and even shares a few secrets that will enhance family life and make you an "unforgettable" educator. Along the way, dozens of practical "tips" obtained from a long list of successful educators will be shared. Fun, fast, interactive, and meaningful are the descriptors for this workshop.

Teachers Change Lives 24/7

Do you lead or manage? Do you make a difference or just hold a place? This workshop offers some basic, and yet timeless, strategies to become better at what you do. For businesses, corporations, schools, or institutions, the discussion and ideas shared hit upon several key elements of success. How to balance time, understand vision building, set goals, confer with others, and solve problems in less than a minute are just a few of the many ideas shared. Participants walk away ready to change their outlook and update their practices. Fast moving and fun, this workshop does make a difference.

Teamwork is a key element of the success of any organization. This customized workshop considers the issues at hand and provides several successful ways to find solutions.

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Reference/school Teachers and Administrators K Nobody Changes Lives Like Teachers it's one thing to win almost every major award for a teacher, principal. Teachers Change Lives 24/7 has 4 ratings and 1 review. Liz said: Jim mixes funny and heart-warming stories with the truth about how to teach. His passion.

Most companies or institutions face teamwork or personality issues. Many ideas are shared that help focus on the problems and establish ways to move forward and reach new levels of excellence. Jim focuses on the chapters he wrote that deal with hiring, firing, and building the best staff possible, creating a climate of service, infusing character into all elements of the system, and understanding the importance of perception.