Erotica on an Island

Now, make sure you pick up everything you come across in the game. Using this option you can reach all the possible places on this island. Click on the map option and choose the only second location you have, The Mall. Click on the Pawn Brokers sign on the left to reach the Pawn shop. Talk to the guy. Exit and use map to reach back to the beach. Go to the right screen and click on the busy couple. Go back to The Mall. Talk to the girl twice. Click on the magazines on the tables.

Go to the beach. Go right and talk with the man three times. Read the fire note on the wall. Go to the mall. You will get a KEY. Open you map and go to the newly appeared location, Hotel. Open the door with the KEY. Click on the green stuff on the bed.

Use map and go to the Mall. In you map a new location, XXX Movies has popped up so go there. Click on the barman. Click on the girl and pay for SOME show. Plenty of sex with plenty of penetration of plenty of female orifices, but the penis is merely suggested.

Erotica Island

You know, this whole game smacks of homemade. The graphics are crappy, and the interface is straight out of the early 90s, except the game is point-and-lick, oops, click, instead of verb-controlled. Your menu is at the bottom of the screen at all times. Inside the inventory screen, you get another menu. Voice acting is truly abysmal, bottom of the barrel all the way. Reggie sounds like a smooth-talking retard. He speaks without inflection, extremely slowly. Not a one of these women could voice-act her way out of a porno flick.

Most of the sound effects are really lame. Where are their manners, I ask you? My mommy always told me to chew with my mouth closed. Every time you do something big in the game, you get a fuck scene, sans tool but rubbery boobs abounding.

Game Information

Sorry for the pun. There is a theater where you can go to replay these a zillion times, or maybe none in my case. They're not new boobs, but boobs they are. This game has no redeeming value, social or otherwise. That at least is an equal-opportunity porno, with something of interest to both men and women. And the men and women have realistic bodies. And the artwork is lovely. So, take the glue pot behind Sarah, as well as the Pawn Brokers ticket. The leave for the mall.

He'll give you a key! Enter it, pick the note on number 69 strangely, it it the number of your room: I am sure you have had enough practice using stuff, so I won't give you the "use" walkthrough again. Enter your room and pick up everything you see: Well, how do you like the frog: Lotta is expecting someone to bring her an Inflatable Chicken for people with unusual tastes For get about those people and talk to her first. Then give her the chicken.

She'll give you a ticket to the Island's new Lap Dancing club. I won't explain what is it, Lotta is much better than me in explaining such stuff And don't forget I am trying to refrain from using bad words: Talk to the man there, take the roses and give him the tickets for the cinema and for the club one you found on the reception, and one Lotta gave it to you.

This area is not that important. It allows you to watch all your previous love scenes. Don't expect to find something you haven't done there!

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For example, if you enter now, you'll be able to watch only the movie, in which Lotta takes her top off. Later on, when you Take a close look at the shop here. It sells gold paint and knickers. Buy both of those items, then enter the lap dancing club. Enjoy the scene, buy the bottle of Vodka you see near the bartender, and leave this place by clicking on the "reception" button. Oh, the girl that made the lap dance.

Navigation menu

She's another target for bedding. Reggie will promise to take her to Vegas. So, let's make some calls from the room in the hotel Oh, as the Mask says: It's time to fake the gold ring Lotta wanted. Click on the Pearl, then click on the combine button, and finally click on the glue pot. A new item will appear, called "sticky pearl".

Erotica Island - Walkthrough/FAQ (Adult Title)

The ring will become gold! Isn't that the thing you needed to convince Lotta to make love to you? You need to find a precious stone. Like the sticky pearl, for example. Combine those items, and you have a lovely FAKE!!!

Don't worry, it's not described as a fake: Then enjoy the movie! Six more to go. So, go to your room. Read the note on the bed, then use the phone. You'll find out where the Pink Pussycat club is.

Enter the club, take the fake chips on the bar, then talk to the bartender. He'll offer you to join in. Soon, Reggie is announced as a competitor in the mud wrestling competition. So, here are the girls! There's a man to fight him! Do you get the idea??? This is a gay club!!! He'll also tell you to go to the casino. Click on the exit key it's in the right top corner of the screen and leave the club.

Take the feather you see on the road and go to the Pawn Brokers. Buy one and go to the hotel. To the Left is the casino. She asks you whether you play on the roulette. Well, you can't just now, so it's best to leave the casino click on the red "Reception" key and go to your room. She'll give you her hotel contract and let you lok for some "gaps" Anyway, she says something about a drink.

Use the bottle of Vodka on her, but she says that she loses all her ammunitions when she's drunk. So, it's time to do this part now. Use the phone to order a coke. It'll arrive within seconds. Leave the room and take the bottle of Coca Cola. So, it's time to do some more combining here.

Do you see anything that might act as No, not only the Vodka, Uma said she doesn't want to get drunk. Then just enjoy the next movie! You get the note that dollar bets are now available in the casino. So, "dressed smart" with the suit , enter the casino and talk to the blond girl The bad hing she's not "normal". She's a lesbian, sadly. However, she's agree on a deal. If you find her another lesbian on the island, you might get away with something. So, leave the thinking for a later stages, save your game in case you're so unlucky and win nothing - it never happended to me, to be honest and use your fake chips.

Click on the girl. You can only bet on black or red, so trust your instincts. My best stike was 7 real chips. Hope you're licky as me. But don't worry, even 1 real chip will do.

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Can you imagine your chances to loose all games in 10 rotations? Quite small, if you ask me! Click on it, and you'll be notified that the girls have gone in the mountain retreat. This opens another area for you. Click on it, and you face 2 tablets - one is called Temple, the second is called fountain. Go to the temple first click on the stone! Take the rare flowers and talk to the girl. I am not going to explain the term Felatio, so please, don't ask me. I'm still trying to keep this Walkthrough away from the "bad" words. So, leave the screen to the left and go to the fountain.

Take the Squid you'll be using it for ink - strange! I think this should've been an octopus for the camouflage ink So, go to felicity again, and try to talk to her.


An adult point-and-click adventure, Erotica Island follows in the footsteps of games like Leisure Suit Larry, with the player having to explore and. Erotica Island is a X-rated video game developed by Redfire Software and published by Flare Media Limited. it was BBFC 18 Certified.

She won't talk to you, but Nina will tell you to try to "cheer yourself up" by jumping in the fountain. So, go to the fountain and click on it. I guess ths isn't a fountain afterall, but a raw sewage! So, return to the stones and take the wallet there. Go to any area you want, then return to the Temple.

You'll get a strange message, that the Mountain area is closed due to a toxic spillage. You are also advised to go to your room to check your message. So, go to the Hotel and pick the message on your number in the Reception. The girls from Crusty Bucket have returned! So, go to the Pink Pussycat club area again.

The Crusty Bucket is just opposite to that awful place. Use your real bar chips the girl actually wants dollars, and you give her -probably- much more in chips Then enter the house.