Integral Psychology: Yoga, Growth, and Opening the Heart (Suny Series in Transpersonal and Humanisti

Integral Psychology: Yoga, Growth, and Opening the Heart

Review "Very few books go deeply into the spiritual area that Wilber calls the Subtle, but this one does it brilliantly Integrating See all Product description. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. See all free Kindle reading apps. Start reading Integral Psychology on your Kindle in under a minute.

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Don't have a Kindle? Product details Perfect Paperback: Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. I loved this book. It demonstrates a very clear lifelong dedication to deep critical and personal reflection on the part of the author, and registered for me as an amazing gift of scholarship and spiritual enrichment for the world.

What more can I say? This is one of the most comprehensively vital books I've had to pleasure to read in several years. A bold new view of the human psyche, integrating Eastern and Western approaches.

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Integral Psychology connects Eastern and Western approaches to psychology and healing. Psychology in the East has focused on our inner being and spiritual foundation of the psyche. Psychology in the West has focused on our outer being and the wounding of the body-heart-mind and self. Each requires the other to complete it, and in bringing them together an integral view of psychology comes into view.

The classical Indian yogas are used as a way to see psychotherapy: Finally, an integral approach is suggested that synthesizes traditional Western and Eastern practices for healing, growth, and transformation. The account of mindfulness practice is first-rate, as, too, is the discussion of bhakti practice and the opening of the heart. The author has a great deal to contribute to an important area of inquiry.

What is Transpersonal Psychology?

I have been stimulated to think about psychotherapeutic problems from a larger perspective. As a practitioner of integral psychotherapy, this book has been a wonderful, inspiring and practical resource. Cortright's earlier Psychotherapy and Spirit, I was pleased to discover that Integral Psychology was available this year, and read it immediately upon receiving it.

It's been ten years since the earlier publication, and the author has [from my long-distance observation] made important progress in his spiritual growth, opening of the heart, and writing style during this time. The book is based upon Sri Aurobindo's complex Integral understanding, and though it focuses upon psychological aspects of that theory, the spiritual and developmental features are also mentioned.

Cortright presents a fuller explanation of how Aurobindo's thinking can be related to psychotherapeutic theory and practice. It's a pleasure to read someone who is so steeped in an Eastern approach, and who can relate it to contemporary psychological, clinical issues. For example, whole chapters link behavior change therapy to karma yoga, mindfulness to jnana yoga, and heart-opening to bhakti yoga. In these and other chapters, sometimes with clinical examples, Dr.

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Cortright demonstrates his superior integration of Aurobindo's original theory, his own adaptations, and his use of such understanding in psychotherapy. Based in part on ego-psychology and self-psychology, Dr. Cortright suggests that "The core wounding of our time is a rip in the very fabric of the self", and goes on to suggest that it effects the mind, higher-, central-, and lower-emotional aspects, as well as the body and spirit. This essentially diagnostic chapter is an important precursor to the later therapeutic orientation.

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Others may be more interested in the concept and approach to spiritual emergency; since I've had little clinical experience with this proposed entity I found it less compelling. More broadly, for the reader interested in the possibility of integrating the integral theory of Sri Aurobindo and the thinking of a contemporary clinician and Professor [California Institute of Integral Studies], this book is highly recommended.

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I frequently felt touched by the obvious sensitivity and care taken by Dr. Cortright in writing "Integral Psychology: Yoga, Growth and Opening the Heart". Cortright insists this bold extension is essential for psychology if it is ever going to discover the defining essence of the human being. In looking to psychology's future, Dr. Cortright proposes a synthesis of western psychology and eastern spirituality.

Integral Psychology

This synthesis is based on the life work of the great twentieth century Indian sage Sri Aurobindo. Bringing western psychology and eastern spirituality together facilitates opening the heart. Both western psychology and eastern spirituality aspire to open the heart, although, as Dr.

Cortright explains, each opens different areas of the heart. To open the heart fully they need each other. Opening the heart clears the way to discover the soul, the eternal core of the human psyche. It is a thoughtful characterisation of the psychology traditions of the east and the west, with a result that is inclusive and respectful of both. This book challenges the rational mind and entices those serious about psychology and psychotherapy toward a deeper and expanded perspective. Cortright gives us a new look at practical psychology.

A Healthy, More Resilient Brain with Brant Cortright

From this perspective, it is within our human potential to know our true self and the most profound purpose of physical existence. Reflecting the optimism of Sri Aurobindo, "Integral Psychology" embraces the notion, basic to eastern psychology, but revolutionary in western psychology, "that our deepest identity is a self-existent joy, love and light. Congruent with our deepest human aspirations, integral psychology aims to move us into alignment with our soul's consciousness.

Expressing this unification in daily life is the next step in human potential and the goal of integral psychology. Brant Cortright's Integral Psychology was for me a reader's digest version of the entire history of Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology into the even deeper realms of our being with Shri Aurobindo's " Integral Yoga". His "map" showed me, in a remarkably concise way, the ever deepening paths of the west and the profoundly deep offering from the east of growing through the opening of our hearts and souls.

For the beginner, what an overview this is and for the advanced one, what an acknowledgment of spirit and matter in it's evolution! See all 8 reviews.