Frosting on the Cake

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Corner Kids Clocking Off. For the Man Who Has Everything. Drug Wars Triathlons L. Retrieved from " http: This mission crosses over with Diamonds in the Rough. We also put icing on our cakes. Frosting is a very creamy fluffy layer, and icing is either a drizzled mixture of sugar and water or a white, sweet decorative touch which looks very much like snow. We also refer to fondant exclusively as icing, never calling that frosting. Like it says in the above article, the phrase has been used since they started putting icing on cakes.

Mary Jean Adams writes on 3rd July Caroline Smith writes on 5th July Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Leave this field empty. Is that what you have done here? I live in Spain and cannot get the Viva paper or any other make without patterns. Any other suggestions about what I could use instead? You can use icing gel color to color the frosting.

You should still be able to get it pretty smooth though without it. Thank you for giving out so many tips! Can you please explain what the crumb coating is that you started off with at the beginning of the directions? I followed the tutorial step by step and it turned out fantastic including your recipe for strawberry and vanilla frosting!

This was my first attempt at a buttercream cake as well, so I could not have accomplished it without your guidance! Happy New Year to you! How could you tackle this problem? I love your cakes by the way, they look so proffesional! The frosting on the cake will definitely crust. Just re mix the frosting a bit to soften things up again.

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I guess my only problem is going to be buying the paper towels. As for storing, I typically leave my cakes at room temperature unless there is a filling that needs refrigeration. Grand Theft Auto 2. What size piping bag are you using? Again, my icing is a bit drier than yours should be. This is a beautiful cake and I appreciate your step by step tutorial with photos. I use the same method for cream cheese frosting, up until the paper towel which would stick to the frosting.

Any chance you could do one in getting a smooth buttercream top on a sugar cookie? HI Lindsay, I love your tutorial about using the paper towel and I even have started using your buttercream recipe! I like the texture of it with half of it being shortening. However, I tried the paper towel method with it, and it keeps sticking. The icing is not crusting.

I put the cake in the fridge for a few minutes hoping this would help and it crusted, but still stuck to the paper towel after a couple minutes of working with it. Do you have any advice? I want it to stick to my finger a little bit, but not too much. I have followed your tutorials and have tried this method on two cakes with your buttercream recipe as well.

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Do you have any suggestions? Also, I have been leveling my cake layers to the point that they look great with a crumb coat, but when I add the rest of the icing, they end up leaning a bit, or tilted. Any recommendations to keep my cakes straighter? I followed your advice on checking consistency by how much sticks to your finger. I made your raspberry almond layer cake, and the raspberry buttercream was thinner than the normal buttercream and the almond that covered the cake. So that might have been part of the problem. But I do think I might still be piping it on too thin around the outside.

Sorry to respond twice! I wonder if I put too much on top of the cake? Hi lindsay thank u for sharing ur decorating method. By the way, doesnt the paper towel stick to the frosting at all? Or tear as u lift it up from the frosting? I am in Australia and i dont know if theres viva paper towel here so im just thinking to get the strongest paper towel with a smooth side.

I am having trouble after my cake has been completely decorated and finished with it cracking. After I pick it up and move it it wants to crack. Any tips on how to avoid this? You just have to be careful with it. What size of cake pan did you use here? Do you think it would sag using a dense cake? Should i do a thicker 3 layer or a thinner 4 layer? Parchment paper is too stiff and will get wrinkles in it, but you could try. I have never been able to get buttercream icing smooth: I stumbled across your post and followed all your directions.

Did you have a filling between the layers, or just frosting? It sounds like whatever was between the cake layers was too thin and started seeping out.

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If it was a filling, you need to have a good sturdy dam of frosting around the outside edge to keep the filling in place. If it was just a frosting, it sounds like it was too thin. I used store bought Betty Crocker vanilla cream frosting between the layers, thin layer on top, and also as my crumb guard around the sides. Then I used the homemade icing on top of that. Do you think that it was too thin? I know everyone likes a true buttercream and my homemade version tasted more like cookie dough according to my year-old daughter. So I use both kinds.

Frosting on the Cake

Do you think this was my problem? Just wondering, does it have to be a paper towel? Do you think parchment paper or waxed paper would work? Parchment and wax paper will likely crinkle and put lines into the sides of the cake. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I HATE fondant, the flavor and texture.

Definitely trying this out tonight. I have been struggling for a while one which frosting to use and a technique. Your instructions are phenomenal!!

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I feel i could make anything after reading your blog!! Thank you for being so thorough and all of the wonderful pictures. Just looking at your frosted cupcakes made my mouth water!! I enjoyed your tips on icing a cake. I am wondering why you use a paper towel and not a piece of parchment paper. I did some research before starting and came across your blog. I used your vanilla frosting recipe and this tutorial. This was so helpful. I love the way the cakes turned out. I was totally engaged from the starting to the ending instructions. You made this feel so effortless for a beginner like me; I thank you!

I found this so helpful. I wonder if you would consider doing a video showing how you level the cakes. Yours are so perfectly level before frosting. I usually use Russian piping tips for frosting such big cakes. I learned many good techniques. I love the look of your site. I agree that you need a great go to vanilla cake. I have been looking for one. I am trying out the cupcakes. They are in the oven and smell wonderful. I also like your icing tutorial. I have tried and tried techniques for smoothing a cake, but always fail.

When trying this method with using the paper towel…. It sounds like the consistency of the frosting is the issue. Check out this post for more info on that. Your site is so helpful that I bought a few more stuffs like yours such as the cake icer and smoother. It made my life easier with decorating cakes! Quick question though, I rarely use buttercream as I find them too sweet so I always opt for frostings with cream cheese , mascarpone or whipping cream.

Will this smoothing technique work with these kinds of frostings that I use? Thank you so much for the tutorial! Hi christin from nigeria pls i want to ask is this butter icing or royal icing? Cos the way u smoothen it with the paper towel kept me wondering. Can i use other tools for frosting? I looove your blog and his tutorial in particular is really fantastic! I hope you do more tutorials… you are quite gifted at it! I wondered if you could offer some insight as to whether the type of frosting is negotiable for this technique.

I want to use a recipe for frosting that includes cream cheese. Is there a reason you use buttercream icing? Is there a disadvantage to cream cheese icing. Cream cheese frosting is a little more tricky because it is usually sticky from the cream cheese.

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I use the same method for cream cheese frosting, up until the paper towel which would stick to the frosting. I felt bad then. Thanks so much for getting back to me. Really love your blog.

icing on the cake

Looking forward to more tutorials! But are all these tools really necessary? Can you provide More accessible alternatives? These are the tools I settled on after trying many. I find them to work best to give the best result. They should be pretty accessible, for the most part.

The Ateco products are usually also available in stores at Sur la Table. Great video and pictures! My question is actually about something different: Glad you enjoyed the tutorial. The cake is sitting on a cardboard cake circle. Thank you so much for this tutorial Lindsay. I have added a link to it on my baking blog so that readers can learn from you! Hi Lindsay, Thanks so much for these instructions on the perfectly iced cake.

But, I do have a question also my family love swiss buttercream which works great under fondant that I never use. Also I bought all the tools from your link and was wondering how you put that large tip into a bag and what size bag, and do you have to use a disposal bag for it? Your cakes look beautiful by the way. I am doing my grandsons cake tomorrow for his 21st birthday so it has to be perfect.

I hope you read comments still from older post so I can use this method on his cake tomorrow. And he has specifically requested your best chocolate cake that I made for my daughter in Nov. He said after eating a slice of hers. That I should open a bakery lol. Lindsay I found you website today when I was looking for Easter egg recipes for my grandchildren I am always looking for something new and today I hit the best thing ever it was so nice to see a young person so passionate about their baking skills but I also enjoy the words you have to inspire others I am 73 years old always liked baking and cooking and making things for the tea and snacks we have at our Church.

the frosting on the cake

Parchment paper becomes an issue if it wrinkles up and transfers those wrinkles onto the cake. Thank you so much for this! I made your cherry chocolate chip cake yesterday and was so frustrated with my lack of frosting abilities… blah. All in all it was fine but I want to be able to achieve a nice, smooth cake. I never have seen these tips before so thanks so much!! With acrylic icing guides you can skip the crumb coat and paper towel smoothing, which is unhygienic, and create flawlessly smooth iced cakes in 5 mins.

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