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She HAS to be resurrected, twig Twilight is powerless. This group far exceeded my expectations. Meh, I expected more to join. This group is awesome! Some great stories here! We need more members here. Its called Split Personality. I'll post it soon!

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In the end, I love the beautiful simplicity of the picture. To me it says: She transcends her detested humanity and becomes a goddess. This is basic Mormon doctrine, not surprising since the author is a Mormon. One of the messages of Twilight is that there is a way to have immortal life, eternal life, apart from a relationship with God through Jesus Christ; that there is a way to live forever without dealing with the obstacle of our sin problem by confessing that we are sinners and we need the forgiveness and grace of a loving Savior. Why are girls of all ages, but especially tweens and teens, so passionately and obsessively in love with Edward, the vampire in Twilight?

Edward is very different from the vast majority of young men today.

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He is chivalrous, sensitive, self-sacrificing and honorable. He wants the best for Bella, his teenage girlfriend and eventual wife. He is able to keep his impulses in check, which is a good thing since he lusts after her scent and wants to kill her so he can drain her blood. The best way to describe their relationship is emotional dependency. This is when you have to have a constant connection to another person in order for you to be okay.

Emotional dependency is characterized by a desperate neediness. You put all your relational eggs in one basket, engaging in an intense one-on-one relationship that renders other relationships unnecessary. The intensity is addictive and exhilarating. Emotionally dependent relationships strap people into an emotional roller coaster full of drama, manipulation, and a constant need for reassurance from the other.

When Edward leaves Bella for a time, she becomes an emotional zombie. The book New Moon is full of descriptions of the pain of the hole in her chest because when he left, he took her heart with him. She had withdrawn from all her friends to make Edward into her whole world, so she had no support network in place when he left.

All of her emotional eggs were in his basket. Many readers see this as highly romantic rather than breathtakingly dysfunctional.

Questions About Good vs. Evil

One or both people are looking to another to meet their basic needs for love and security, instead of to God. So emotional dependency is a form of relational idolatry. People put their loved one or the relationship on a pedestal and worship them or it as a false god. When you look to another person to give you worth and make you feel loved and valued, they become inordinately essential. When we worship the creature rather than the Creator as in Romans 1, what results is a desperate neediness that puts us and keeps us at the mercy of the one we worship. They have a lot of power over us, which is one reason why God wants to protect us from idolatry.

Twilight is like an emotional dependency how-to manual. When he moves, even a little bit, you adjust your position at the same time—like magnets. On the Credenda blog, Douglas Wilson makes a powerful case for Twilight also serving as a manual for how to become an abused girlfriend and then an abused wife. Twilight is spiritually dangerous because of its demonic origin and its occult themes, both of which God commands us to stay away from. A lot of parents hear that and give a green light for their daughters to read the books and see the movies.

But the Twilight books are a lust-filled series, so embedded with writing intended to arouse the emotions, that it is legitimately considered emotional pornography. Much has been made of the alleged message of Twilight , that it is one of abstinence and shows control over desire. In truth, Edward is controlling himself because he does not want to kill Bella; her life is truly in danger from a ferocious vampire attack from the one who loves her.

Aside from that, a vibrant sensuality of attraction lies just beneath the surface. That's the power of the Twilight books: The struggle with self-control is saturated with eroticism and lust. One very insightful blogger writes,. To claim that the Twilight saga is based on the virtue of chastity is like calling the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition pro-chastity because the girls are clothed.

“An Evil Empire” | Twilight Strategy

How can books in which the author has written detailed first person descriptions of actions leading to arousal help readers to be chaste? The words on the page defy chastity. The sensuality of Twilight is not lost on even the youngest readers and movie-goers. I want you to bite me. Recently at a youth discipleship camp, I asked the young men how they felt about Twilight.

When girls use the emotional porn of romance novels or movies, they are setting up impossible expectations that have no hope of being fulfilled by limited, fallible, all-too-human beings. Is there much of a difference between using sexual porn or emotional porn? In both cases, fantasy creates unrealistic expectations that reality cannot satisfy. Apart from the problem of unrealistic expectations, it is unhealthy to make such an intense heart connection with a fictional character. Some people choose getting lost in reading and re-reading the books over having connections with real human beings in community.

One lady told me that she called a friend about going out to a movie, but her friend begged off: In the first Twilight book, Edward sweeps Bella off her feet with the intoxicating description of his intense desire for her and why she desires him: Everything about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell.

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Edward is very different from the vast majority of young men today. Not intentioned, but happening because she understood something wrong. Generally, vampires are seen as evil. Well its debatable if she actually kills them, it just sends them back to whatever is on the other side of the mirror pool, which could be anything from a twisted diminsion, to just a flipside of ponyville, or whatever. When he moves, even a little bit, you adjust your position at the same time—like magnets. He is chivalrous, sensitive, self-sacrificing and honorable.

I believe there is a spirit of seduction in the Twilight saga. Something supernatural draws millions of readers to fantasize about being desired, pursued and falling in love with a character that I believe has a deeply demonic component. Twilight is one of the most successful series ever published.


In order to be discerning, we need to examine the fruit of this series to see its effect on readers. I believe that there is a spiritual reality of evil behind Twilight that explains three kinds of fruit I see. First is the fruit of obsession. There is an addictive element of the series for many people. Addiction is bondage; why willingly submit yourself to bondage? But the transcendence of connecting to the Twilight world is so much less than God intends for us to experience! I became uncontrollably obsessed over this make-believe world.

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And fell into a pit of manic-depressive-suicidal state. Never dared to ask: And then something inside me clicked, because it struck me as wrong that a Godly woman would find this series good. Another problem with Twilight that I had is that it drives girls to think of love before they are emotionally and mentally ready for the idea. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences.

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This group is for stories about twilight being evil, becoming evil, ect This is a group for all who want to see twilight as dark and cynical; a fallen hero. If that's you. If alicorn Princesses aren't immune (something Evil!Twilight would definitely research in advance), she could wipe out the Equestrian royalty in.