Darwinian Heresies

Paula Haigh On The 6 Days Of Creation, Heresy, Evolution

As in all human affairs, it can take time for new scientific ideas to be accepted. Because the matter of evolution has been an emotionally charged issue from the outset, it is easy to cast individuals and their contributions retrospectively as heretical, given the changing backdrop of progress. In another intriguing chapter, which deals with how scientists can be compliantly noncompliant, Daniel Alexandrov and Elena Aronova tell the story of Georgii Shaposhnikov, a biologist working in the period of Lysenkoism in the Soviet Union.

In the s, Trofim Lysenko introduced a form of Lamarckism that was popular with Soviet leaders. In the s, Shaposhnikov conducted an interesting experiment dealing with the adaptation of aphids grown in parthenogenetic culture on natural and unnatural plant hosts. The results were perhaps — given the limited knowledge of the times — open to a Lamarckian interpretation.

Shaposhnikov, mindful of both changing scientific and societal attitudes, seems to have naturally adapted his own interpretations accordingly.

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In this case, it would seem that it is the creationists who are guilty of a creeping heresy against their own dogmatic beliefs. Several of the essays address the intractable problem of theology and evolution and the confrontation between evolutionary thought and religion in human affairs.

Darwinian Heresies

Wilson and Richard Dawkins frequently being pitted by the authors against the late Stephen J. The matters of sociobiology, morality, free will, and genetically conferred altruism are all mentioned but not really analyzed in a substantive way. Clearly, there are two general classes of person who accept biological evolution. In one class is the hardcore evolutionist who accepts religion itself as a phenomenon that has evolved on countless occasions during human history.

In the other is the liberal religionist who accepts evolution as something God has wrought, for whatever reason. There are extreme views that regard both these positions as heretical.

These are not trivial matters. I find it worrisome that there is currently a major move afoot to weld these two inimical worlds.

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Abigail Lustig , Robert J. Covering a wide range of issues starting in the eighteenth century, Darwinian An Examination of Weismannism. Beginners Bat Detecting Kit 2. Rethinking the Darwinian Revolution. The results were perhaps — given the limited knowledge of the times — open to a Lamarckian interpretation.

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Darwinian heresies

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