Tempted and Tried: Temptation and the Triumph of Christ

Had read previously but re-read in preparation for teaching thro Very good book by Russ Moore reflecting on the temptation of Christ. Had read previously but re-read in preparation for teaching through Gospel of Matthew in Spring Aug 25, Justin Camblin rated it it was amazing.

This is a great book. Moore really gets down to the roots of temptation and how we can battle against it.

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Tempted and Tried: Temptation and the Triumph of Christ [Russell Moore] on bosol.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Although temptation is a. Examines the wilderness temptations of Christ to underscore the cosmic scale of temptation, the universal strategies of the Tempter, and the.

What strikes me with this book is that Russell D. Moore is a really likable writer. He's been a pastor for a good portion of his life, and I think a large part of his likability stems from the very real, down-to-earth, "common man" experiences he has had in his life. He knows people who have struggled with depression and drugs and adultery and alcoholism and all kinds of sin. He also knows people who have struggled with the less visible but no less real sins, such as avarice and envy, lust and a What strikes me with this book is that Russell D.

He also knows people who have struggled with the less visible but no less real sins, such as avarice and envy, lust and anger, selfishness and pride, in their variety of shapes and sizes. And so first and foremost, this is a book about what the lived experience of temptation feels like. And, of course, being Russell D. Moore, he knows his Bible quite well.

The book is thematically built around the three temptations of Christ. He discusses the difference between temptations God does not "tempt" us , and trials God may "try" us. He has lots of interesting stories and one of his chapters brings up "Where the Wild Things Are" a lot I love that book. It's really, really great. I'm glad I read this book. Even though I'm not an evangelical, I identified a lot with his writing.

This book was a different side of Moore, but a great one. I look forward to reading more by him. Convicting and encouraging The truth revealed in this book has opened my eyes to the nature of the battle and the only real Source of Victory. I will no longer despise the fight, but will cling much tighter to the One who's won it for me. Apr 01, Hayley Johnson rated it it was amazing. Timely, full of truth and life giving. Feb 06, Daniel Harding rated it it was amazing. Sep 03, Dave Fields rated it it was amazing.

Best book I have read in Mar 16, Matthew rated it it was amazing Shelves: Good Christian books on temptation are pretty hard to find. T Good Christian books on temptation are pretty hard to find. This book was insightful, poetic, convicting, and inspiring to read. There were multiple times reading this book when I simply had to stop and take a breath from what I had just read either from conviction or being moved by the truth of the gospel.

Moore begins with a personal anecdote to illustrate the insidiousness of sin and the seriousness with which we should encounter temptation. Then, he uses the analogy of a slaughterhouse to show how many Christians are literally walking to their own destruction willingly, not realizing the danger around them. The metaphor here was striking. These introductory chapters set the stage perfectly for encountering the temptation of Jesus by Satan in the desert. These chapters are simply bathed in Scripture, with Moore pulling themes and passages together to paint a beautiful tapestry of the big picture of the Bible, all culminating in the cross of Christ.

The themes in each chapter lend themselves well to related discussions about modern evangelicalism that were powerful commentaries in themselves. He uses the example of a friend who doubted his faith because of the things he was tempted to do. As Moore explains, the temptation itself is not sin, nor are you unique because you are tempted by it. In fact, it may actually increase it. We are free to fight, and many times, walk in obedience. Struggling Saints everywhere need to read this book. Modern Evangelicals tend to appear to have everything together as we fear being exposed as not what we say we are and mostly want to be.

Like Adam and Eve in the garden, this cycle causes us to turn further and further inward into hiding, away from people and more importantly, away from our Father. This book will help you fight those urges. It will help you begin to take steps to walk in the Light.

It will encourage you to see yourself rightly in relationship to God through Christ. May 13, Justin Lonas rated it it was amazing. We may joke about it; we may discuss it in the abstract; but to talk about the very real pull to sin that is always going on in our own lives makes us uncomfortable to the core. We tend to confuse temptation with sin i.

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In Tempted and Tried , Russell Moore broaches this difficult subject by looking at temptation through the experience of Christ. He reminds readers that temptation itself is not sin, because Christ endured it in righteousness. Moore looks specifically at the temptation of Christ by Satan in the wilderness immediately following His baptism Matt. In the temptation to turn stones into bread, Moore expounds on the God-given appetites we all have and the need to submit those good desires to the will of God.

Rather than give in, Jesus refutes Satan by quoting Deuteronomy: In this, Christ modeled for us that trust in Him goes beyond trust in our own power to meet our needs. In the temptation to leap from the temple, Moore draws out a reflection on the deep-seated desire for vindication and respect. In the temptation to reign over the world, Moore shows that Satan was willing to give up his earthly realm in order to keep Jesus from fulfilling His work as the Messiah.

Because Christ knew that, ultimately, He would reign over all heaven and earth, seen and unseen, through His sacrifice not in spite of it , He resisted. In the same way, we are tempted to build our own kingdoms here instead of submitting to the promised kingdom of God in which we will reign with Him. Moore shows how even things that are good and right in themselves can become idols that turn our focus away from the Gospel of Christ. Moore writes with an uncannily clear vision of the human soul, piercing our ideas of sin and temptation and shining the light of the Gospel into the darkest recesses of our hearts.

Oct 23, Travis rated it really liked it. Is it normal for Christians to face temptation? Of course it is. Jesus went through the trials in the wilderness. We, if we follow in his footsteps, will also face similar battles. Russell Moore opens the Bible with his readers and helps us to understand the trials we face in Tempted and Tried, his latest book.

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Tempted and Tried will remind Christians that temptation must be understood in terms of warfare, encouraging them with the truth that victory has already been secured through the triumph of Christ. He does not pretend to be better than us. May 18, Aaron rated it it was amazing. He reminds readers that temptation itself is not sin, because Christ endured it in righteousness. Moore plasters the Lord Jesus on every page as our only hope in life and death. If you bear the Spirit of the One the powers rage against, they will seek to tear down the icon of the Crucified they see embedded in you 1 Pet.

Positives Early in the book, readers will discover that the author is a very real person who has experienced very real, very down-to-earth temptations. Unlike the many authors who remain Is it normal for Christians to face temptation? He shares our experiences. He does not pretend to be better than us.

Tempted and Tried: Temptation and the Triumph of Christ

Moore simply tells the truth with the Scripture, with his own life stories, and with extremely well-chosen illustrations. The focus of this book, regardless of the temptation faced, is the gospel of Christ. Moore does not make this little book a how-to or accountability-group manual. Instead, the author takes his readers to the cross. It is when we understand what Jesus accomplished on our behalf and what the gospel is all about that we will better face down our temptations. A final positive I will mention about this book, though there are many, is that this is a Crossway book.

I love the fact that, when I got this book, I also had a free PDF copy available to me for use on my computer or another electronic reading device. Simply put, I love what Crossway is doing. Negative The biggest negative that I have toward this book has to do with its structure. Call me particular, but I just do not like reading thirty-page chapters. I would rather have seen this book broken down into shorter chapters that kept the flow of thought more simple. I will also add that this book is very real in speaking of sin.

Moore never crosses any line into impropriety, but he is honest about the ways in which temptations can manifest themselves in the lives of real people living in a real, fallen world. Readers need to be aware that Moore is not going to pull punches or pretend that the worst temptation we face is to have a second slice of pie at the church social.

Conclusion Russell Moore has given us a sweet little book in Tempted and Tried. We all have temptations. Moore has helped to show us what those temptations are like and how Christ, who has identified himself with us through his suffering, is familiar with the kinds of struggles we face. Pastors, small groups, Sunday School classes, and individuals will benefit by reading this work. Tempted but not tapping out I started reading this book 3 years ago Not because it isn't a well written book or because the subject matter was not important to me.

I stopped because I felt the author was speaking straight to me and I was convicted of things I needed to change. Well, that took awhile I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to apply Jesus' method of overcoming temptation in their own life. Jul 24, Jared Totten rated it really liked it.

Temptation is common to the human experience. And how we handle it is all too common as well, often either quickly caving or white-knuckling through it in sheer self-determination. So when we read the biblical account of Jesus' temptation in the wilderness, it is easy to see the overt supernatural elements at work, the magnificent scope of the seductions, and Jesus' flawless victory and see no connection between his testings and our own.

This is a mistake. In Tempted and Tried, Russell D.

Russell D. Moore on "The Old Testament"

Moore m Temptation is common to the human experience. Moore magnificently draws the lines between the common temptations of the sons of men and the Son of Man.

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In his own words, "You will be tempted exactly as Jesus was, because Jesus was being tempted exactly as we are. You will be tempted to provide for yourself, to protect yourself, and to exalt yourself. We overcome temptation the same way he did, by trusting in our Father and hearing his voice. Every enticement from Satan and our own sinfulness essentially tells us to cut God out of the loop and take matters into our own hands regarding our desires, our identity, and our future. Without getting clunky or wordy, Moore has crafted a book that is theologically rich, easily accessible and—more often than not—practical.

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If I had one gripe about the book, it was structural. While I read quite a bit, the chapters felt too long there's only seven chapters for a book of almost pages. Publishers use tricks like short chapters and frequent section breaks within chapters to make a book feel more readable and friendly, but there are few of both here.

It almost felt like a sermon series turned book where every chapter is a sermon. That critique aside, Tempted and Tried is well worth the added work and discipline it takes to get through the long chapters. There are unique insights and deep wisdom that hold the gospel up as the only answer to true victory against our temptations—victory that exceeds white-knuckling it through our illicit desires and avoids jury-rigging the heart with fear or pride. Jul 22, Emmanuel Boston rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of the most helpful books I have read regarding Christian sanctification and struggle with sin.

This definitely belongs on the best books of the year list. Moore writes with a vivid style that makes it seem as though you yourself are thinking the thoughts as he writes. If sin and sanctification were a chess match, Moore does more than show you a few possible moves; he takes every piece and explains it in such a way that you realize that for years you have been playing Mancala and One of the most helpful books I have read regarding Christian sanctification and struggle with sin. If sin and sanctification were a chess match, Moore does more than show you a few possible moves; he takes every piece and explains it in such a way that you realize that for years you have been playing Mancala and calling it Chess.

From the first several pages to the last paragraph, Tempted and Tried offers a paradigm shift much needed in the Believer's pursuit of holiness. Moore delves in by essentially addressing the question: Why should I care?

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And if the first chapter didn't answer it to your standard, the second certainly will. He moves then to three base areas as seen in the synoptics' account of Jesus' temptation by Satan 1. Bread -- needs of the appetites 2. Temple -- seeking security in circumstances 3.

Kingdom -- wanting ease and peace without war After these brilliant expositions, Moore gives hope that is all too oft forgot in the Christian life. Throughout the entire book, Christ is exalted and Satan is exposed I encourage all who claim to follow Christ to read this book as soon as your hands are free. And at that, give a copy to a friend as well.

I imagine that you will want to return to the book again sometime down the road, and refresh yourself with the words with which Moore carefully uses to draw the Christian into more profound dependence upon Christ, the One who was tempted and tried on our behalf. May 22, Brian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pastor Moore says it's here to stay but the weapons we have to fight are greater than the temptation.

Nothing we haven't heard if we've been in the church for any length but how come this seems to be a habitual problem, well herein lies many solid answers, ones that will knock your socks off. The main storyline here is the tempting of Jesus in the wilderness by Satan. The author uses this story to break down how our Savior used the power of the promises of God, the power of the gospel, and the words of Scripture to combat the greatest of adversary's.

We experience temptations but when we give in the author says we forget who we are, we quit preaching the gospel to ourselves. One sentence in particular that hit me square in the jaw and will consume my thoughts and prayers for some time, was this: Jun 15, Justin Collard rated it it was ok. Let me first start by saying that I have absolutely no issue with the Biblical facts used, the arguments, presented, or the overall content of this book.

I believe that Dr. Moore has an extremely sound theology and Biblical reasoning when it comes to this topic. So why did I give it two stars? This book was presented as an accessible discussion on the temptation of Jesus in the desert and promised applicable answers to fighting temptation in your own life. What is delivered is part self-help poo Let me first start by saying that I have absolutely no issue with the Biblical facts used, the arguments, presented, or the overall content of this book.

What is delivered is part self-help poorly written and followed through with , part old Baptist sermon complete with non-Biblical traditional views that are cast condescendingly down on the reader , and a seminary level exegesis of the temptation of Christ. With that mixture of writing styles, I found this book very hard to follow I found myself bored and confused. I even had to make myself finish the book so I could see if there was anything that I could glean from his commentary.

This book would have been great if he would have explained the temptation of Jesus in an accessible, non-academic way; deleted the attempt at starting each chapter with a relatable story; and took the 7th chapter's thoughts and dispersed them throughout the book at the appropriate times. All in all, if you are a pastor or a seminary student, read it. If you are a Christian looking to learn more about the temptation of Christ and how to overcome temptation in your own life, I would find something else. May 17, Josh rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was like a piercing and soothing balm to my soul.

Having grown up in Christian culture with all it's hokey and Christ-less temptation fighting techniques, this book was a loud, clear, Christ centered call to fight temptation with the gospel. Moore works through the three temptations of Christ and unpacks a books worth of penetrating insights into how all of our temptations are worship issues and twist good, satisfying things God made for us to enjoy. The resounding message of this book This book was like a piercing and soothing balm to my soul. The resounding message of this book is that the point of everything we experience is meant to draw us closer to God and to find more satisfaction in him alone.

It acknowledges Satan's desire to push our desires away from that which truly satisfies and focus them on things that temporarily appease and eventually destroy. He doesn't care what we want and he wants to give us everything we want, as long as we don't go about getting it the God intended. He wants to give us whatever we think we want and God wants to give us Himself because on he is better than everything else. Every single Christian would benefit from this book. It's readable and not too dense or theological. Moore has a great, piercing insight into the follies and religious nonsense of Christian culture and human desires and appetites.

I'm grateful that this book was assigned -even though Dr. Moore is the professor of the class: May 18, Aaron rated it it was amazing. My full review is available at Blogging Theologically: Have you ever been in a situation where you thought everything was fine—until something shocks you to reality? How do you react when that happens, when you realize you were caught in the trap of temptation? Yo My full review is available at Blogging Theologically: This was a great book and an enjoyable read.

I almost knocked it down to a 4-star rating just because of some incidental Baptist theology that sneaks into some side comments. And my only real issue with any of Moore's major points was his exegesis of 1 Corinthians Overall, "Tempted and Tried" is a fantastic overview of temptation. The author might stretch the parallels from the temptation of Christ into too-neat categories in a way that I might not, but his insights into temptation and application of Biblical truths to our current situations far outweigh any negatives in his approach.

Moore brings the realities of temptation to our lives and challenges us to re-think our way of life, even the parts of our culture that we take for granted even our politics and our parenting. To top it all off, Moore is a gifted writer. This book was fun to read because he has such an easy way with words and manages to intersperse light-hearted humor in the middle of his theological insights.

Great subject, great analysis, great writing. Apr 23, Eva rated it it was amazing. This book was so much more than I even expected. I bought it because I heard the author on the radio talking about temptations - specifically, how going from single to married wasn't a way to "fix" temptations toward lust, just an exchange of one set of temptations for another.

Here is what one person said: And join the fight. I can think of two reasons. The first is that we will all be tempted and we do well to learn how to identify and how to overcome temptation. The second is to learn that temptation is not a sin. There is great comfort in knowing that temptation is universal and not necessarily a sign of a sinful life. So what can I say? Read it for the good of your soul. Learn from Moore as teaches how Satan shapes his temptation and how it can be overcome through the power given to us through the cross of Christ.

In lieu of a comments section, I accept and encourage letters to the editor. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, you can do so here. Reviews Latest Reviews By Category. Recommendations Let me help you find the best books on: We should not be surprised that we are tempted and tried. After all, if temptation existed in a perfect world, in a sinless world, how much more will it exist in a world that is full of sin.

Even the best of us, or perhaps especially the best of us are far from immune.