Meditations of the Heart: Poems For A Spiritual Journey

I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.


Avoid negative sources, people, places and habits. Consider things from every angle. Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches. Give more than you planned to. Hang onto your dreams.

Journey of the Heart

Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it. Keep trying no matter how hard it seems. Never lie, steal or cheat. Quality not quantity in anything you do. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer. Take control of your own destiny. Understand yourself in order to better understand others. Xcellence in all your efforts. You are unique, nothing can replace you. Zero in on your target, and go for it.

Give birth and let out into the world the dreams Of your own unique, unrepeatable Cosmic Being. If not born for any other purpose..

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Be born to dream, be born to love Be born to fashion a better world. Dreams and dreamers never die From Heaven you will see your dreams come true You will reincarnate, inspire and energize new dreamers The dreams of our beautiful Planet of Dreams will never die Until we become the paradise we were always meant to be And are about to joyfully become. There is no better way to express feelings of love, than with a beautiful poem. Love is patient, Love is kind Through Jesus Christ, love you will find.

Love does not envy, It is not puffed up Seek Him with your heart, He will fill your cup. Love does not behave rudely, does not seek its own Be kind to others, for this God has shown. Love bears, believes, hopes and endures all things, Give love to all and blessings God brings. Love can always conquer Whatever discord brings and love can also cover a multitude of things. What is cold and lifeless, now lost all hope and died, for love can breathe new meaning and give it back new life. For love is always worth it no matter how much the price, for love will be much stronger when we trust in Jesus Christ.

So let God have full reign, let Him live within your heart then you will know true love, for this He will impart. We love because He first loved us, On that we can depend A verse of the Bible near and dear To the broken hearted His love He does send. For God so loved the world That the greatest sacrifice Was His one and only son Who paid the ultimate price.

Poems – Christian Poetry

I was there, yet you did not see Me the times you did cry I wrapped you in My loving arms and wiped the tears from your eyes. Every prayer — I heard, and answered every cry for help — I came I cast down all your enemies and brought them all to shame. You are My beloved son whom I have set free I removed your chains of darkness because you believed in Me.

I am in you and you in Me Non can take us apart Where are the words to express my love? They are written on your heart. At work or at play Offer words of kindness to others To the cashier, the barber The bus driver and new mothers. Jesus is the example That we all should follow Love is the ultimate gift To give those in good times and sorrow. A home made from love Is what God intends Filled with all of our family Love is not blind nor pretends.

The recipe is simple The ingredients are clear Keeping God close is essential For love to be near.

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These Inspirational poems and stories are all positive words of wisdom to uplift your spirit and give guidance to living a life of love, peace and happiness. Blessed are they who understand My faltering step and shaking hand. Blessed are they who know my ears today Must strain to catch the things they say. Blessed are they who seem to know My eyes are dim, my mind is slow. Blessed are they with cheery smile Who stop to chat for a little while. Today upon a bus I saw a lovely girl with golden hair; I envied her… she seemed so gay… and wished I were as fair.

7 Beautiful Spiritual Poems That Will Lift Your Spirit

We open our hearts by being vulnerable, honest, and gentle. I can deal with that, we say. Some of the fractures are small. Maybe some deceived us unconsciously or betrayed us deliberately. They have their own issues.

I forgive… Yes, people do have their own issues. And we do forgive. But now it may be time to learn gentleness, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness for ourselves as well. Yes, I feel it. See how much better you feel when you surround yourself with the energy of love. Open yourself wide to all that the universe has to say.

Let yourself begin anew. We need to take responsibility. We need to trust ourselves. Let the child in you come out to play. Now open your mind. See all the possibilities. The universe is teaming with them. It will lead and guide you into this abundance if you ask it for help and then allow that to happen. Open to all its possibilities. In the beginning, you were excited. Exhilarated at the prospect of the mountain you were about to climb. Now, you are almost to the top. Now, your goal is in sight.

Guidance is still there to help you. The life force, the one that keeps you going, keeps you moving forward, is still there too, burning brightly within you, charging all that you do with its energy. See the mountain climber as he climbs the mountain. There are dangers and precipices and challenges along the way.

But the higher he climbs, the steeper it gets. The more tired he is, the more energy he has to put into the climb. The way you feel now is the way anyone would feel who was so deeply committed to life.

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Meditations of the Heart: Poems For A Spiritual Journey organization founded by Dr. Peck He has been increasingly invoved in the Jewish Spiritual Tradition. See more ideas about Spiritual poems, Spirituality and Journey. within my heart -Spiritual self-love happy happiness self-love inner peace meditate inspiration.

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I Still Love You, is a poetic journey created with the intention that you may adventure within to find happiness, and discover the confidence and courage to shine bright! This glorious poetry inspires inner strength, compassion and courage. This is a magical poetry book filled with enchanting illustrations. The raw poems embrace life's challenges and the beauty beyond our conscious mind.