Red Kayak

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But developers and rich families are moving into the area, and while Brady befriends some of them, like the DiAngelos, his parents and friends are bitter about the changes. Sam Miller this is going to be a good book because I think the ending is really good. Red Kayak was a very intriguing book that had lots of mystery and some suspense. Subsequent to days of depression and seclusion, it became a disheartening surprise when Brady discovers his friends were the culprits. Apr 10, Eugene Krabs Amberlyn rated it really liked it. I think this was a great book.

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Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings

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Red Kayak Series

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How to Train Your Dragon: Looking for More Great Reads? The narration of Brady from the future, which is the literal voice of the novel, foreshadows grave consequences of Brady deciding not to call out a warning to the kayak's occupants, later revealed to be Mrs. DiAngelo and her three-year-old son, Ben.

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The kayak capsizes, Brady valiantly rescues Ben, is hailed as a hero and then suffers grief when Ben dies a short time later at the hospital. Brady assuages his grief by working for the DiAngelo family on their property, but in doing so discovers evidence that the kayak had been sabotaged by his two friends, JT and Digger.

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The sabotage involved a method that Brady thought up as a fantasy, though never intended to carry out: The central section of the book then consists of Brady confronting his friends, feeling partly responsible, hiding the evidence, deliberating over the correct course of action, and generally suffering debilitating, internal, moral conflict. In the final section of the book, Brady does the "right" thing and tells his father everything.

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They recover the kayak which was still sunken in the water, and which clearly shows the holes drilled in the hull. Brady testifies to the authorities who agree to grant him immunity in exchange for his testimony. In the end, he's relieved that the sentence handed to his friends was not too harsh: The DiAngelos sell their property and start anew elsewhere.

Life goes on for Brady and his used-to-be best friends.