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The Upper Room magazine's mission is to provide a practical way to listen to scripture, connect with believers around the world, and spend time with God each day. Learn more about how to write for The Upper Room or click Submit to submit your meditation now. Then the doctor came in, took my hand, and told me My prayer life shifted when my husband, Zeke, and I had three children in four years.

Transformed by Suffering

18 hours ago John A seed that is not planted will never produce a crop. So Jesus used a seed to illustrate why He had to die in order to bring many. Get a biblically inspired word from Joyce Meyer through daily devotions.

I learned to pray while washing dishes and on my way to the store. In the summer of , disastrous bushfires raged through rural areas of South Australia.

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We are here to help and encourage you! Click here to create an account and sign in. In the summer of , disastrous bushfires raged through rural areas of South Australia. And when the life you knew is a life you know no longer, and the ship that took you on a thousand adventures before can no longer even keep you afloat, you are right to …. Devotions from the Lake: Dear God, make me Your own and live through me, and help me when this results in suffering for me.

Lives were lost, and farms and homes were completely destroyed. Many not only lost their homes but Like the early disciples, I have struggled to know how to pray. I would hear others pray effortlessly about the state of our world and the needs of others, while I During my undergraduate college years, most of my friends belonged to a Jewish congregation that began each weekend with worship and a shared evening meal.

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I attended several of these Shabbat Because of the nature of his occupation, my husband always warned us that he could be transferred from one workplace to another at any time. Even so, when it seemed likely As the coordinator of a teen coffee-house ministry, I have the privilege of spending time each Thursday with some brilliant young people.

They brim with passion about During an especially stressful time, I found myself waking up in the early hours of the morning for no apparent reason.

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I grew increasingly frustrated with this as my mind would Our family has been riding the emotional roller coaster of unemployment and job hunting. The morning I read the Nehemiah passage above, we had been particularly discouraged.

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My husband, David, and A giant never stands alone; behind him lie his causes. Overeating, addiction, abuse, and anger are all driven and supported by other issues.

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Somewhere behind the obvious giant are his supportive brothers—pain, guilt, loss, and shame. David was prepared with five stones—one for Goliath and one for each of his four brothers.

Hidden Gems // September 11th Daily Devotional

What lies behind your giant? Never allow your fears to overwhelm your faith.

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So take your failings; list them on a piece of paper and boldly print at the top of the page: David prevailed because he understood the power of past successes. David understood that every time you put a win on the board, or an enemy under your feet, your confidence in God and yourself grows. So replay your past victories and trust the God who did it before to do it again.