Hervert Sperring (German Edition)

Nuffield Foundation with manuscript of talk. Murray's School, Horam Dancey, B.

List of Correspondence

Krumgold, - Ross, D. Probus School Lake, R.

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Haslemere Museum Wooddisse, F. Publications Officer Bradley, J. Department of Ornithology Doncaster, J. Cape Horn to Alaska University of Cambridge. Folder 1 Associated-Rediffusion Ltd. Folder 2 Requests for films Central Office of Information. Department for External Studies. Natural History and Philosophical Society Birmingham. Natural History Society University of Cambridge. Biological Society University of Leicester.

Journal of the Royal Institute of Chemistry. Part V. 1952

Biological Society University of Oxford. Institute of Education University of Oxford. Folder 4 Royal Society St. Mary's School Gerrards Cross St.

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Charney Manor Acton, A. Glasgow Cranleigh School White, H. Folder 1 Scott, J. Folder 2 Milsome, Juliet. Miscellaneous correspondence Davies, C. Miscellaneous correspondence Folder 1 Brazil. Note on Collection, Aug.

Wolfson College, Oxford

Cape Town and Bulawayo etc. Medical Department, Pressed Steel Co.

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Krumgold, - Ross, D. Prohibition orders were of no effect if liquor was supplied to persons against whom it had been necessary to take out a prohibition order. Glasgow Cranleigh School White, H. Sgt Hamilton said it was a serious offence. Go to our Instructions for using Copyright Clearance Center page for details. Cornwall; British Museum Natural History.

Unit of Biometry, Keble Road, Oxford. Elizabeth, sister of Tony and Michael. Gladys, Mrs Seymour Barling. Mother of Elizabeth, Michael and Tony. British Museum Natural History. University College University of London. Caroline wife of R. Centre for Overseas Pest Research. Balfour see under Balfour-Browne, F. London Natural History Society. Leighton Park School, Reading. National Institute for Medical Research, London. Birmingham and Carlier, G. Hope Professor, University of Oxford. University College, Ibadan, Nigeria. Spencer Frederick , Colonel and Chapman, F. East Malling Research Station. Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Universities of Oxford and Edinburgh.

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While in charge of the building I did not light a fire there; there was no inflammable material on the floor of the front room or anywhere else in the house. Thomas HL Ibbotson stated: This witness arrived later and the inquest was resumed on April 5th, at The Coroner found that the cottage was maliciously set on fire and destroyed by some person or persons unknown to him. George Hattley , charges of wilful obscene exposure and indecent language.

The cases were taken together, under the Vagrancy Act. Hattley, for whom Mr AD Hickey appeared, pleaded not guilty to both charges. His clothes were disarranged; and on being told to go away and cover his person he used filthy language. The Bench convicted on both charges. The police report showed two previous convictions for drunkenness.

Fourteen days were allowed in which to pay the fine. Wm Thompson, charge of supplying liquor brandy to a person, George Hattley , against whom a prohibition order was in force, at Gosford on January Sgt Hamilton said it was a serious offence. Prohibition orders were of no effect if liquor was supplied to persons against whom it had been necessary to take out a prohibition order.

In this ease it was particularly desirable that the person concerned should not get liquor. Sgt Hamilton said there were previous convictions against defendant. Born at Perth, WA, on 8th May, , he has been a resident of this district for the past 12 years. Always courteous and obliging, he endeared himself to all who knew him. The funeral, the arrangements for which were in the able hands of Mr RH Creighton, was largely attended. The esteem in which the deceased was held was manifested in the following large number of floral tributes: George Hattley made inquiries as to the colors of the Royal one, so that he could paint his Hotdogs mobile of a similar hue, but he was silenced by Mr Phredweela, who informed him that a committee would be elected and any in formation would be derived therefrom.

Then the President took a hand, or rather a voice, and in his well-known stentorian tone, he declaimed: Are we members of a Royal Club? Rise of all present to sing with fervor the National Anthem. Then said the patriotic President, we will proceed with ways and means discussion to arrive at the method of our greeting to the Royal one. It is my personal opinion that it started from the boiler-house, but the evidence is very conflicting, and very indefinite. After considering the weight of evidence that the fire originated near the railway siding and outside the building, I find that the Packing House was destroyed by fire on June 4, but whether of accidental origin or otherwise, I am not able to say.

The premises and contents were covered by the Standard Insurance Company as follows: The processing plant was insured in the name of Richard Woolridge and Co. The last mentioned insurance had nothing to do with the Packing House. Damage by fire had meant a considerable loss to the Society, a loss which could not be estimated in actual figures. There was no evidence to indicate whether the fire had been accidental or deliberate.

He had no idea how it originated. On arrival he found the building well alight and there appeared to be no prospect of saving it. At that time portion of the southern end was still intact.

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He proceeded to the part of the building facing the goods shed and found the greater part of it practically destroyed. It appeared as though the fire had started at that side of the building.